Hokulani  In  Kailua

Hokulani  In  Kailua

Association Of Apartment Owners

The official website of Hokulani In Kailua Association of Apartment Owners, 355 Aoloa Street, Kailua, Hawaii, 96734.

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Home page of the official website of HOKULANI IN KAILUA AOAO. Hokulani is a condominium complex located at 355 Aoloa Street, Kailua, Hawaii, on the windward side of Oahu. ... HOKULANI IN KAILUA AOAO, 355 AOLOA STREET, G 106, KAILUA, HAWAII  96734


Owners and residents of a condominium at Hokulani appreciate the beauty, harmony and community feeling of living in Kailua, on Aoloa Street and within Hokulani. Aoloa Street and Aoloa Place are privately-owned by Kailua Gardens Community Association, or KGCA. The cost of ownership, management, maintenance, repair and improvements along Aoloa Street and Aoloa Place falls upon KGCA, which receives its funding from the seven condominium complexes within its boundaries ... namely, HOKULANI IN KAILUA and six other condominium communities..  The maintenance fees of each condominium complex includes a portion for Kailua Gardens Community Association.


Tis webiste was designed for the Owners and Residents of condominiums at Hokulani In Kailua and interested real estate agents and individuals. Information, documents, forms, contacts, photos, and items of interest are all presented here with for convenience and to maintain community interest.  For more information contact Hokulani, a real estate agent or a licensed property manager. Aloha and mahalo for reviewing Hokulani's website and for your interest in Hokulani In Kailua, Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii.  Contact us ... Hokulani In Kailua AOAO, 355 Aoloa Street, Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii, 96734

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