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Hokulani  In  Kailua

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April 15, 2019





In 1996 owners of Hokuani In Kailua voted to make exterior windows part of the association's common elements. With that act came the responsibility to plan and pay for the eventual replacement of all windows.


Hokulani's volunteer Board of Directors has evaluated window replacement options and costs at least since 2013 and have been re-evaluating the association's reserve study to accomodate the upcoming expense of window replacement.


At this time mass-replacement of windows may occur during the years 2019 through 2023. Every effort is being made to finalize plans & control costs.


More information will be provided to unit owners as it becomes available.


Unit owners are expected to maintain their existing windows through regular servicing and minor repair. Please contact the resident manager if your window have larger problems.


April 16, 2105


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May 27, 2015


Cable TV & Internet Options


Hawaiian Telcom is completing installation of equipment        which will provide fiberoptic television and Internet services to residentsof Hokulani In Kailua .  


When it is completely installed Hawaiian Telcom will notify residents of its services and how to switch carriers if interested.


Oceanic Time-Warner provides Television and Internet services to Hokulani residents and they will continue to provide services even if other options become available.


Signing up and paying for services is at the option and reponsibility of the resident(s) at each condominium in Hokulani.


See "Important Phone Numbers" in this website.


February 1, 2016





Kailua Gardens Community Association (KGCA) has installed two electric-arm gates on Aoloa Street near Kailua Road, one gate for each direction of traffic.  


The gates open automatically for residents whose vehicle has a specific bar code sticker on the window.


Only residents within KGCA, along Aoloa Street and Aoloa Place, will be entitled to obtain access to the gate and some type of registration and a small cost will be required to obtain a sticker for each vehicle.


A representative from each condo complex can provide details of gate operation and explain how its owners and residents' can obtain a sticker.