Hokulani  In  Kailua

Hokulani  In  Kailua

Association Of Apartment Owners

The official website of Hokulani In Kailua Association of Apartment Owners, 355 Aoloa Street, Kailua, Hawaii, 96734.

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Welcome to the website of Hokulani In Kailua !                                 .

I have been Hokulani's resident manager since March 2011 and am regularly involved in all manner of activity, projects and incidents regarding the property and its residents.  


I enjoy the mix of administrative responsibility, hands on work and personal relationships that come with this type of position. I've found the owners and residents of Hokulani to be pleasant and reasonable and a joy to work with. It is a pleasure to call them my neighbors.  

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It is my goal to help maintain a positive and tranquil living environment and to encourage the same from all who live here, and it is my goal to help maintain and increase community appeal and property values.


This website is one piece of Hokulani's effort to build a sense of community and to help satisfy people's interest in our association and its residences.


Owners, residents and agents are encouraged to contact me about the property if you have questions that have not been addressed in this website.  



RM, Hokulani In Kailua

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