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Hokulani  In  Kailua

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Moving Trucks

Mail Boxes


Guest Vehicles

Resident Vehicles



Hokulani residents are required to notify the resident manager in advance of any significant moving activity and to coordinate with management for loading or unloading moving trucks, etc.


Only properly licensed motor vehicles will be permitted on site to move household furnishings and belongings.


No "containers" or trailers may be placed on site, even for a brief period.


All vehicles involved in moving activity must be within view of its driver and ready to move or relocate at any time as needed to accommodate vehicle traffic, parking, and pedestrian activity.










     Notify the resident manager of

an upcoming move or moving activity



Hokulani residents are required to immediately provide their vehicle information to the resident manager upon move-in and upon any change of vehicles or license #.


Only properly licensed motor vehicles will be permitted on site with current registration and safety inspection tags displayed.


All residents are required to park their vehicle within the stall or stalls assigned to their residence or park off-site.


Residents may not park in any of Hokulani's Visitor stalls, except for a brief period while actively loading or unloading (typically 30 minutes or less),










  Owner / Resident Registration Form



Daytime guests may park their vehicle in any Hokulani Visitor parking stall.


Note that all Visitor parking stalls are posted NO PARKING-TOW AWAY from 1:00AM to 5:00AM daily. A towing service randomly patrols Hokulani during these hours and will remove vehicles at the vehicle-owner's expense.


An overnight parking pass may be requested in advance during normal business hours and subject to the resident manager's availability.


Only properly licensed and operational motor vehicles will be permitted on site.


Note that Visitor stalls are for guests actively visiting a Hokulani resident and for service providers.


Visitor parking is not intended as a vehicle drop-off point for commuting to work or for any type of vehicle storage nor is it for the personal convenience of friends/relatives un-related to visitation at Hokulani.



Hokulani does not have keys to any of the residential mail boxes.  


A set of three keys was assigned to each resident when the mail boxes were installed (December 2012). Unit owners, managers and residents are expected to keep track of their keys and pass them along when a change of ownership or residents occur.


If a new mail box lock is needed or desired, a new lock and set of keys can be purchased through Hokulani at cost.


Replacement is simple but it may need to be coordinated with the mail carrier.