Hokulani  In  Kailua

Hokulani  In  Kailua

Association Of Apartment Owners

The official website of Hokulani In Kailua Association of Apartment Owners, 355 Aoloa Street, Kailua, Hawaii, 96734.

All photos, graphics, text, documents and other content are the sole property of Hokulani In Kailua AOAO and copyrighted wherever applicable.

Copying and re-use of any portion in any manner is prohibited without the specific approval of Hokulani In Kailua AOAO

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rental units in hokulani

www.craiglist.org  (rentals)

All condominiums at Hokulani In Kailua are individually owned.  


Hokulani management does not handle rentals of any sort.


To obtain information about current rentals please monitor classified ads, websites and/or contact property management companies.


Short-term, vacation and transient rental activity is not permitted.

www.yellowpages.com  (property mgrs)

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